SentryPC is a computer monitoring and control software designed for businesses and parents to monitor and manage computer usage, particularly for monitoring employee productivity or overseeing children’s computer activities. 

Here’s an overview of SentryPC 

1. Monitoring Features:
SentryPC provides various monitoring features, allowing users to track computer activities in real-time. This can include monitoring websites visited, applications used, keystrokes, chat conversations, files accessed, and more.

2. Content Filtering:
The software typically includes content filtering capabilities, enabling users to block or restrict access to specific websites, applications, or types of content deemed inappropriate or non-work-related.

3. Time Management and Scheduling:
SentryPC often allows users to set time limits for computer usage, defining when users can access the computer and for how long. It may also provide scheduling options to regulate access during specific hours or days.

4. Remote Monitoring and Management:
Users can often monitor and manage computer activities remotely, even if they’re not physically present near the computer being monitored. This is particularly useful for businesses with remote teams.

5. Stealth Mode:
Some versions of SentryPC offer a stealth mode, ensuring that the monitoring software operates discreetly and remains hidden from the user being monitored.

6. Reports and Logs:
The software usually generates detailed reports and logs summarizing computer activities. These reports can be used for analysis, performance evaluation, and identifying any misuse or inappropriate usage.

7. Alerts and Notifications:
SentryPC may include alert and notification features that notify administrators or parents if certain predefined criteria are met, such as attempts to access blocked websites or applications.

8. User Authentication and Access Control:
The software often provides authentication mechanisms to control access to its settings and configurations, ensuring only authorized individuals can modify monitoring settings.


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